This creative shoot was directed by photographer Eugenia Kovalevskaya , her idea was to portray the transition of fashion in USSR . Formerly , in the early 1950's fashion in the Soviet was too conservative for something as diverse as fashion , some committee made the rules as to what must be worn . The skirt length were monitored , pants were considered unbeffitting & inappropriate for women , the colour scheme was limited to grey and black . They believed that if you have time to make yourself pretty , you weren't hard working enough . Some youths found a way to purchase trendy items like a pair jeans but this had to seem like smuggling , You cant get caught selling or buying this illegal item . 
And then came the counter movement , the so called Soviet hipters (Stilyagi) They recreated their own America , They got their hand on fashion pieces ,they wore voluminous make up , their parties were the greatest. 
As political relations began to mollify so did the social life & fashion  in the soviet union Began to transform . Shops began to stock imported items, and the women would get their sewing patterns from fashion magazine .
Its now a   new era because the desire to look attractive turned out to be more powerful than shortages .

Shot by Evg Photos (EV_KOVALEVSKAYA)
Concept : USSR Culture
Model : Mitchell Dsane, Sui_Generis, Melody Jacob.

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