On becoming Miss Kharkiv International 2017

This journey commenced when i got a call from my school adviser asking me to come to the office that she has some deal for me. i rushed there and she asked if i would like to participate in the MISS KHARKIV INTENATIONAL CONTEST , i previously knew nothing about this show but i said Yes i think its time for me to be in a pageant cos i do try to avoid them .
I then looked the show up and i understood it was focused on showcasing the culture of different nationalities living in Ukraine . This years featured 13 contestants from India,Greece,Poland,Armenia,Nigeria,Georgia,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Kazakhstan,Israel,and Azerbaijan.
We had to present in our national costume , Talent , and in an evening dress .I had a tough time coming up with a national costume cos i had outgrown whatever attire i had from home . So i thought to get tribal wrappers from friends and put something together . Until my good friend and designer YOUNIKDESIGNS called me up and said he saw the voting poll for the show that what do i have in mind to wear ,i let him know i didn't exactly have it together .So he suggested we come up with something outstanding and different , how bout Burlap & Ropes we could create something from that he said .
I didn't doubt him so we went shopping in the popular Barabashoba market where you can only find whatever you seek .We got all we needed and set to work , This genius called me for a fitting a few days later , and i was in shock staring at the creation the Headpiece ,shoulder cape , dress . and even Shoes and bag.
Everything was amazing ! 
The show was held on the 28th March 2017 , it commenced at exactly 7pm ,i was too busy freaking out backstage when i heard the MC's introduction and something whispered to me Relax and try to have fun .and that's exactly what i did . With the best of friends around i was a bit calm and it gave me more courage . They were cheering so hard i couldn't stop smiling on stage . You guys are the absolute best .
Everything happened so fast and it was the moment to announce the winner and being that i didn't quite understand all the russian language being spoken i just listened to hear my name . When they called everyone else and i didnt hear my name , my frownlines began to appear and then i heard Tosin ,Nigeria .
My jaw dropped as i stepped forward to receive my crown .I WON!!!!!
Amongst all these beauties , it was quite a moment cos being black in this country , you arent exatly considered an  equal or even good enough .i dont just consider this a win for myself , WE WON ! I was so proud that we did take it to Africa .
With the support of my awesome friends and supporters , WE DID IT.
God bless you all.