Howdy! beautiful readers ! been aii? im hanging in here  myself `:) 
So sad summer's over , This look features a skirt i made recently . Yea i finally got myself a sewing machine cos i dont wanna pay so much  for everything i wear (Lol). Still working on perfecting my skills though , but its been a lot of fun so far . Atleast i've got  something to keep me indoors. i really fancy this fabric ,the second i spotted it in the fabric store , i knew exactly what i would do with it . what do you think of it ?  

Ill be wearing a lot of self made outfit from now , so dont leave me :( . keep checking out my blog 
i paired the skirt with my white top from Asos , and my only gladiator heels . hopefully ill get another  one . my patent burgundy mini bag .The  first shades i'm wearing is my desired  JOT in gold  and the other is UTOPIA  both from my precious GIANT VINTAGE.
ill be posting a fall look real soon. y'all be on the look out . love & kisses 

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