Hey there !! Hope you are doing amazing today ?
Lately every leaf speaks bliss to me , fluttering from the autumn trees , Anyone who says fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day . its such a sight , Autumn is just a beautiful season.
Today I'm wearing a really supreme XXL blush oversized sleeves blouse i made myself . This trend has such elegant and dashing look giving you a stunning appearance . I'm starting to feel  like the bigger the sleeves the better your outfit .Pairing it with  a vintage button-down tartan  mini skirt and who said a pair of socks don't make a difference this burgundy striped one perfectly complementing  my closed toe sandals makes my outfit all graceful. The mini woven purse i picked up at a market came in handy perfecting this retro stylish look. 
What do think of this look ,would you try it ?
Your thoughts are  appreciated ,Do Have a wonderful day lovelies.

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