How i slay on a mini budget

Hey there , 
Do you realise you don't have to spend hundreds of  money you don't have to look good  'the how to dress' is the ultimate key to achieving a stylish appearance .
Ive been told money cant exactly  buy style , if you don't have a grip on putting pieces together or even picking them out .I purchase my clothing from wherever , really i have no shame as to telling where . i believe you don't know what you might find is why thrifting is so much fun .

I'm leaving a few hints on how i slay being broke , the concept of looking style tasteful is directly linked with elegance .Elegance  makes fashion look exotic you have to embody the image that you present and work it like you just stepped out of a magazine .
Most are lazy to go in search of rare pieces , you barely even find them online, take some time to explore .
When shopping consider the fabric Silk is always sophisticated a good quality of Cotton , fresh pressed and its a great feel .
Seek mostly tonal colours -All white - All black they are the easiest to style a simple monochrome look like this look  is always admirable besides being elongating and put together .
This whole look is less than $30 would you believe that , Well its true! there's a reason i take long walks those mini roadside stores/outlets save lives.
Add belts for a polish , cinch your waist  Go wide belts or even as tiny as you want .
its the detail that counts I'm always ready to belt an oversized shirt ,trench .
Statement necklace - Large cuffs , chokers ,rings gaves an impression that someone spoils you .
Shoes- The right shoes mean so much Stiletto's elongate your legs making any outfit look outstanding .Throw your shoulder  back walk tall no look is complete if you lack the attitude to wear it .
Sunglasses- Get you looking famous a great pair adds a whole lot of drama .

Hair care is an aspect people tend to ignore or be lazy about .Girl i know its tough but you  just have to tend to it, protective hairstyles are there too .
Your makeup shouldn't have to be over the top , watch some tutorials on how to do it right invest sometime in yourself ,your body , your skin . ill be posting my skin care routine soon and you'll be amazed how much household products can do for you . 
wearing Natura grey pinky pixie lenses from pinky paradise

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