I look back at the days when i  attempted getting out of this skin and im glad i didnt . Living with the realization that i was designed to stay this way is one of the most beautiful thing life has given me. Growing up, being teased about my tone was pretty depressing. My brother would say i was dipped in Standard Black Solignum , another would say  i was born in the middle of the night is why i turned out that way.
And having siblings with lighter tones technically made me the ''BLACK SHEEP''. I would hide my knuckles in class cos i wanna avoid questions  of how i got them Burnt (. Hated taking photos cos they would say my eyes are unidentifiable.
Over the years , i've experienced Growth on how i viewed things , realizing the ugly fairy didn't exactly kiss me on both cheeks. I see different , know different. Proud to represent the Melaninians.
I wanna die in this beautiful Skin.
I wanna Roam the streets of my Afterlife in this skin.
And if ill be back , I wanna show up GLOSSY BLACK.
This Melanin we carry is more blessing than curse.

Shooting dressed as a Ukrainian was pretty Amazing and i loved every bit of it.

Love y'all. 

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