Staring in my closet , there's a lot of olive green going on 'how did i get here ? Dang i got hooked !
Turns out i end up picking this colour in everything ! sigh !
This maxi hooded sweater from reserved caught my attention all the way across the mall , i went by the store a number of times and ended up going in , i couldn't resist  it was a magnetic force I'm sorry!
Pairing with a coat from H&M , and  Stradivarius Pants ,A tiny belt just to be a little extra made me a fine mix .My frames are from Giant vintage  sadly i don't remember what its called  but it looks so rad and i love it.
The blend of this look and the environment is so perfect its like I'm home in my supposed habitat .Nature would continue to amaze me. To think all these withered trees are gonna regenerate as my most precious season of the year commences . This transition gives such definition to life 'One day it may seem hopeless , Next day its a brand new birth .
 Yes! i do relate everything to Life' Occurrences,Experiences, it allows me to give meaning to certain situations and steal a dose of peace when its required. I don't stop questioning myself as to 'Why things go they way they do ?
Harmonising with the beauty of these dead trees knowing tomorrows gonna be radiant and blossomy is such a moment .Just like seasons come and go ,Times change' hang in there , So long your breath don't stop , don't Stop !