oh spring.

Sunny days are almost here

 And for some reason, my most favourite seasons happen to be (Spring and Autumn). Most would say summer but no i'ld hold on to spring,.Spring brings such a beautiful relief, especially after the ridiculously long days of winter,  in Ukraine , believe me its horrible. Not just do i love the smell that comes with the rain , the sight of the tiny green leaves on the trees  is an amazing one . its like ...  A NEW BIRTH...  Especially after having to watch them die in Fall.  
Autumn comes with such  sadness , brown leaves fall from the trees as though they weren't ones flourishing green.  To me rocking dark clothing in fall especially  (black) feels like a sort of us mourning em. I'm glad its  about time to start pulling off outfits without having to hide them behind the big-ass warm jackets :)

Thanks for sparing a few. :) 

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