"This jewellery makes me look fat said no Woman ever" . We love  them ! We always want more . I even think if some of us are permitted we would go out  looking like Christmas trees. (lol). Pieces just make an outfit look complete, (rings , bracelets ,necklaces, earcuffs , earrings, hair pieces, anklets ) whichever!. 

Well i know just the place to get em all , at even cuter prices .Shop BORN PRETTY  for all the pieces you want . They've got a wide range of them , trust me .
In this look im wearing their Gorgeous EAR CUFF. it really makes great statement and stands out. i also got a  CHOKER which ive been really wanting for  a while now. Noticed my CAT PAW NAIL RING. :) though i only got on one nail. You can also get 10 % off  your orders by using coupon code  'KUNT10 ". kindly visit their site to also  enjoy this offer .
Ive got this pretty jumpsuit a friend sew me and i totally love . Aren't jumpsuits just convenient to slip into . Oh wait ! Until you have to use  lavatory. i know , really sucks . But we still work them. (winks).

Jumpsuit: designed by friend
Shoes: Rima
Accessories:BORN PRETTY
Thanks for dropping by! love Y'all & kisses

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