Hey there beautiful reader!  Yes you :)
Wanna share with my new collection of cute shades from GIANT VINTAGE ,
My favorite online shades store . They've gotten all sorta shades style  from retro to new school that offer protection against rays to your gorgeous eyes, at super cool prices. you just have to hop on and   help yourself.

Here's : SUNNY GOLD   Which comes in silver,brass, relic  and gold. i once saw this on a guy and i loved how lovely it looked on him , so i had my eye on it .

And if you love big and bold frames , ESCANDALO is yours , it perfectly sits on ones face like its meant to be.

You just gotta love how weird , mini,and fab WIGGLE GLOSS TORTOISE looks .

Go bad again with PROWESS ..  just look at them temples .. so artistic and cool 

MARIGOLD  got coloured rims in green ,apricot , pearl, gold and blue. so you have a range to choose from .

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