From the 'barbecue ' to 'Sunburns' to 'Outdoor Swimming' to 'Longer Days' , Summer just brings it all .  Il'd wanna fall into a slumber all year round and you wake me when its summer !

The Air is fresh cos the trees are living 'blooming' - More oxygen production . The abundance of vitamin D (omg) , how important for growth and development of bones, teeth & immune system. But be sure to avoid the hours of ^11am-4pm^  though , if you have to be out  'WEAR SUNSCREEN'.
Okay ''THE SWEAT''  , i know its totally disturbing  however don't let it bother you , its just fat crying !
Your circulation is being boosted , pores are opened and its detoxifying .As much as Summer can be our favorite time of the year , it doesn't make our skin or hair that  happy :( . That's why i'm gonna share a few tips to help with that , that's if you don't already know about  them  . 
  1. SOOTHE SUNBURN   -  with Aloe Vera Gel freezed in ice cubes  or apply yoghurt 
  2. WEAR SUNSCREEN   - if you spending time outdoor.
  3. DRY HAIR   - Olive oil.
  4. SUPER SMOOTH, FRICTIONLESS LEGS    - Shave with olive oil / sugar scrub
  5. SOFTEN FEET  -  1 Cup + 1 Cup vinegar + warm water (soak for about 10-15 mins ). i've tried this and it works so well.
  6. PREVENT CHUB RUB - with deodorant.

OUTFIT -  Butterscotch deep side-cut dress
fish Net Overall ( Both designed By Me)
Glasses -  Monty crystal clear  from Giant vintage.
Shoes - Loslandifen strap heels. 
(lemme know what you think).

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