Being the type that's never satisfied with her looks or clothes I'm steady altering  everything i own . Crafting is something i enjoy doing so I'm gonna let you in on one easy one .
Embellishing clothes with buttons is a really cool and stylish trend ,it can be done on any piece of clothing from tops to pants.
All required of you is picking out cute buttons of your desire , it could be of same pattern or of different ones and get to sewing.You can get creative by sewing them into specific  figures, writing or distributing  unevenly as i have done .So Don't just toss out your old denim pants,shirts  have fun with your clothes. As much as you want new ones you can
reinvent as well and save some bucks for other stuff. i know you peep that sock-heel as well , DIY's just keep me going . Would you try this trend though? let me know in the comment section . Great day .