Life is not meant to be lived in one place , you should travel as much & as far as you can !
But wherever you go "Never forget your Roots" . Your Roots take hold and never let you go , Mine is solid as a Baobab tree, always been & always will be there standing solid. When you acquire a taste of the dust & scent of our rain 'you're hooked for life on AFRICA.
"Like No Where Else , I call it Home'"
Africa isn't
just a place ,its a feeling it defines your soul & people can feel it and just know . The Africa i know that reflected in the warm sunshine that you can feel burning inside you . The heart of high mountains and tropical jungle,of golden sand dunes and  lush green land.
 its the heart of so many different people ,different languages, different culture & identities who all call it home.
I miss Waking up to the sound of the beating of the glass box the Puff Puff vendor bears, the smell of freshly baked Agege Bread & Beans .  The Rich taste of Palm Wine .
My heart would always race to the beat of an African drum.. The dust  and the rhythm on my feet & heartbeat say Africa.
I just really miss you MAMA AFRICA..
''The only man i envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa , For he has so much to look forward to.''


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