Ways to Amplify your look

Hello there!
How much do you admit that your mood is more desirable when you like your outfit . And so does  a sound mind magnify your looks.
You don't have to Rob a bank to be stylish , Not necessarily .Start now by recommitting today.
A few pointers ? why not ?
  • Drink water like it's your calling , more veggies, more protein , create healthy habits not restrictions.
  • keep your mind blissful and contented and your body will follow. 
  • Only wear clothes that fit and flatter  your silhouette - doesn't fit Don't even buy it .

  • Find the right pair of shoes - Know when to wear heels or flats . Pick out shoes that are as comfortable as they are pretty.

  • Hike up your outfit with a piece of jewellery - from wristwatches ,earrings, a bag , belt , kimono ,scarves . you can decide to wear less for a simple casual look or more for some attention.

  • Change your hairstyle - wear a different wave, curls , colour , or even get yourself a wig .

  • Always remember to stick to your personal style and wear a smile always it sets everything straight.
just be yourself , let people see the real, imperfect ,flawed,quirky,weird,beautiful, magical person that you are. 

dress & kimono - By ME
wristwatch - nicole vienna.

Your comments are always appreciated . 
Great day .

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