The colour grey remains a very elegant & rich colour , known for its versatility which makes it one of the biggest trend in fall.
It can be worn in my diverse ways it reflects reputable softness and grace, when paired with other subtle colours like pink, mint green & brown, and shows sophistication with darker colours such as red &dark green.
However you want to wear it "just go for it ' its simply easy to match ,to style and still turns out so trendy .  Its like an alternative to black , I could say that all outfits i've come across with grey looks incredible .it should be a huge part of your wardrobe as sweaters, coats , scarves, dresses & even boots this fall
I'm wearing a Grey Neoprine Top from Zara in the first look with a pleasing mint green circle skirt  and Atomic tangerine pumps from casnaboty . I read an article that inspired me to first create and try out  colours and on a pallette when putting an outfit together , this was really handy and i loved the look more in reality . Its classy , gracious, and gentle.
The second look is basically a duo with a trendy red hollow sandals from rosegal .  Looks Admirable right?

SKIRT - Glitz-Up collection
WristWatch - AIBI

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