STREET STYLE (Inspiration)

Street style is an exceptional tradition in fashion ,it is affiliated with youth culture in most metropolitan centres. As it can be simple, chic and fun it can also go over the top looking like you threw  your entire wardrobe on but thats fine too. 
Street fashion encompasses everything from hippies, punk fashion,gothic fashion,rasta,hiphop fashion to urban .

The most amazing and exemplary street style looks are mostly seen at fashion week (newyork,paris ,milan,korea just name it ). It allows all my favorite fashion items ripped clothing ,flared pants ,culottes, iconic provocative oversized t-shirts, argyle sweaters , heavy coats and  sneakers . Its like getting a licence to wear what you want breaking all rules.
I also appreciate the distinctive hairstyles and accessories.
Today's post features a metallic copper culottes and  top and a cut-out shoulder coat, and some of my best street looks from around the world.
culottes & top - by me 
boots- bershka
hat - stradivarius
glasses- giantvintage 
bag- vintage outlet
kindly leave your thoughts and comments , thanks & great day .

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