Happy weekend to you !
I hope you all have a relaxing one !
Need i remind you how important colours are in fashion  The colours you were can make your mood , look , and how you are perceived .
The thing about olive green & Army green in jackets , pants or even dresses is the strength , boldness   it exudes knowing it as a  military colour even makes it reflect more power .
In my country you're not even permitted to wear this on the streets because its considered a disrespect to the military . But Outchea you good to go !
This colour is both fashionable and functional , combining olive green in different shades works perfectly , combining with lighter shades turns out great as well , In combination with denim would be have to be my favourite .  In dresses its a Bam Glam all u gotta do is accesssorize right which cant be hard to achieve based on the versatility of this tone .
This look aims for a masculinity ,brawniness ,  i have on three shades of this powerful colour which are slightly apart but works quite well together . This look is complete with thigh high boots from casnaboty .

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