(style tip) Belt over jacket/coat

Hi There !
This fall/winter trend  is a favourite tip from fashion lovers who like to accessorize , it gives your outfit an edgy finish .it portrays sophistication especially on maxi winter coats which I'm yet to try. if you going for that sleek look grab a classic clinch belt , wrap around your waist and get ready to get nailed-it  glances .
The idea that belts give a figure trimming effect is one reason it can be a very crucial part of an outfit .They make  your waist look slimmer which is what we all want right ?
On oversized outerwear they work magic ,regardless of the width of your garment or the length/width of the belt .The longer the more pleasing it is , just tie it in a fancy knot and you got it .
I styled this look in 2 ways wearing pants and a skirt using two different belt designs . Turns out i prefer the look with the wider belt ,what are your thoughts?

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