Dear Black girl!

Dear black girl ,
 there's nothing undesirable about your looks you need to find comfort in that which is your skin , your coat ! Its mere pigmentation, why be ashamed ?
Melanin is a black because its chemical structure allows no energy to escape , you absorb so much light ,trapping it all! That's something magical 
Pay no attention to the stares you get, When people look what they see is a reflection of their Perspective, the content of their minds .You just Focus on the uniqueness in the identity of a complex human being, but variations exist in the structure of us all but tone shouldn't count 'I function no different.
I ain't got splitted tongue , 3 ears , or something weird .All you see is a layer .
Its sad enough that we need to remind ourselves to admire and love our own skin ,that is you , a part of you .Oh!  Its the world we live in and we have to steady encourage and support the healing of colourism  . Glow through what you go through from chocolate to mocha , caramel, cinnamon all shades stunning Dang! chocolate girls run it ! Don't be afraid to stand out !
deep in chocolate 
bronzed in elegance 
enameled with grace
toasted in beauty
My lord! She's a black woman
Dr Yosef benjochanna

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