Sure five fire formulas to boost your inner strength.

Hey there beautiful soul ! If ever you  find yourself feeling down , incapable, incompetent .
Stand in front of a mirrow, take a deep breath, say to yourself that you accept yourself unconditionally , believe it ,knowing that no one is superior , or inferior but nobody is equal either, Realize people are simply unique incomparably.
These 5 formulas sure helped in  boosting my inner stability, you might want to apply them as well:
  • Give up the need to impress others - Quit living your life based on others expectation you stand as one entity - YOU , you dont need no approval from no one else.
  • Get rid of negative people and thoughts - Get rid of what you dont want , evalute core benefits ,  i constantly have to remind myself that being afraid of things going wrong doesnt make it right.

  • Do not be resistant to change - mentally strong people embrace change , and invest their energy in the present . The world is constantly evolving , ideas are being modified and reformed everyday .
  • Ignore uncredited critism - not  all critism are constructive , most people criticize whatever they cant understand .
  • Give up the past -  Regardless of how hurt or dissapointed you were , let it go , they say '' life becomes easier when you accept an apology you never got'' . The key is to bounce back .
''You can be the ripest , juicest peach in the world & there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches''                                                                        'Dita von ceese''
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