25LOGO  is a Taiwan  brand whose main objective is to bring products with kidult spirit all over the world believing everyone needs that little reminder to stay childlike at heart .
ORIBAGU  from the japenese term ''ORI'' meaning Folding and ''BAGU'' for Bags is connected with the art of folding paper into animal forms which is a typical childhood memory for kids to own in Taiwan .
25TOGO design infuses a modern twist of colors & patterns into creating sophisticated and stylish variety of backpacks .These creative backpacks come in animal forms like Bulldog, Black Bear , Persian cat , Gorrilla , and Rhino . The bags with a remarkable quality, flexibility  and compartments for your needs is suitable for Travel , work or school .Its my pleasure to connect you with this brand because i absolutely adore the inventiveness they put into this creation.With stores in Taiwan , Hong kong , China , Korea and collaborations over the world , they also run an online platform .
I chose the SMOKEY JADE BULLDOG Style for its marble print  but also available are the  Khaki , Neoprene , Mesh & Camouflage for you to pick from. Great Right !
Hurry now and visit their website.

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