A Rocky path to success

I'm Staring at these photos and I'm like WOW! HOW! 
These are awesome shots , would you agree ?  But you wouldn't understand the conditions they were taken , lets pretend it wasn't -25 degrees on this day plus it was gloomy and my fingers weren't numb in the first few minutes i stepped out to pose and the pain that comes from frosted fingers i'd leave you to imagine if you haven't experienced that already .
My teeth were chattering and i haven't gotten one shot i liked, i needed to make reviews and i already postponed this shoot  thrice . You think i have a cup of tea Nah! forget it, it was empty (props)
My photographer Eugenia is one of the most amazing individual that i encountered in this country , being that i also found a friend in her made her more priceless . She couldn't even click but she said to keep going cos we froze enough not to get something out of it . You would say why not shoot indoors (studio maybe) i could have!  Totally!  but the thirst for diversity in my works wouldn't let me , i just had to . Its never an easy path to anything great , if you want it bad enough you'll always find a way and trust me it applies to everything you do . 
As imperfect as i live , one would assume I've got it all figured out  I DO NOT  I'm a living mess , a work in progress but I'm here, blessed enough to see another amazing day and I'm constantly thankful for every minute i take a breath  regardless of how worn out i am .Just present your weakness to God and he'll give you strength, & more importantly trust that he's got you no matter what. Challenges are real but so is He .
Go on and kick ass today & thanks for dropping by.
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