Its the start of another wonderful week , i know it'll be an amazing one !Y'all just stay positive. :)
For a  while now i've always wanted to shoot in a graffiti  defined background ,
GRAFFITI ART is something i find really interesting and beautiful second to fashion though, it can be a painting of people ,war,signs, quotes , or whatever. Although it is considered an act of vandalism but i guess its aii to break  a few rules. Some say Graffiti is irresponsible and childish but thats only if its not properly done .

Photography has pretty much killed painting but graffiti remains gloriously unspoilt . the stories are always deeper than they seem , you just have to understand them. If you wanna say something and have people pay attention , spray paint it on a wall along a busy road . No one can resist art , they just have to look , look again, they dont get the point . keep staring .
These "Street Artists" are as talented as any other form of artist .One of my favorite street artist Banksy said - Some people want to make the world a better  place . i just wanna make the world look better looking  , if you dont like that , you can paint over it .  
Street art is beautiful and a great way for people to express themselves & feel free (but dont get caught in the act ).
Heres a few of my favorite paintings

"Graffiti is one of the few tools you have, if you have  almost nothing, And even if you dont come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while theyre having a piss. "                                                     banksy.
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thanks for visiting and do have a wonderful day.

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