Art of Fashion

The reason  Fashion is one the most popular industry , is how personalized and expressive  it can be . its mostly about what you can make of it (your style). it can be anything you want it to be so long you confident about it. This makes it one of the things that are dear to me .
Do you ever think about the question - " Who dictates fashion ?"

People made the so called Fashion rules  telling you what works best with what , items that match . are we forgetting that they did that based on their personal opinions and style .These rules should be  unapologetically broken , No one said you couldn't create yours . Don't just blindly follow trends that are irritable and unnecessarily expensive .Go with what suits you .
 Musicians , public figures & icons have always influenced what we wear   , most times we love  them  when its fitting , some times  we boo them . ill forever give a large dose of respect to RIHANNA  (also being my No 1 style icon ) there's barely an outfit she cant effortlessly pull off.

In this post i have on a turtle neck sweater i made with this warm fabric, funny thing about it , during the sewing process i accidentally attached the wrong side of my right sleeve. yea! i noticed after flipping to the right side but i loved the look so i stuck  with it that way. (crazy ? maybe a lil ).
My acid-wash jeans from Reserved , and gladiator heels  & sunglasses from Giant vintage . 
Thanks for sticking around!

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